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Customized Technology Stack 

Most companies are finding that their technology and infrastructure is lacking efficiency and necessity. Businesses are often burdened with elaborate and unnecessary office space to hold data centers that are time and again inadequate with today's commercial needs; costly and prone to outages. Let us help you balance the costs and benefits of managing your technology infrastructure on our platforms.

Custom Analytics Platform

Everyone wants to get into data sciences, but the reality is that very few know how to design and build the appropriate infrastructure for your organizations. With over 30 years of data sciences and analytics platform design experience, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us help you understand where you are in the evolution of data sciences and give a confident infrastructure to hit your strides.

Data Center Consolidation/Expansion

When it comes to managing colocation and distributed processing environments, there is nobody that comes close to phoeniQs tech. We have managed over 200 interconnected colocation data centers to improve the scale and speed of modern applications and data transports. With our distributed processing know-how, you can have world best in class access to data centers across the globe

Integrated Cloud Services

Are you tired of hearing that you should move your business into the cloud? Are you afraid to ask your people what that means? Today's strategies always have buy-versus-build scenarios that depend not only on your balance sheet but also on your horizons. We have the most effective storage and processing cloud solutions in the market and we can build custom environments to suit your goals.

Data Transport Functions

You know to never underestimate the value of your data. But the real value of your data comes from moving it between applications, partners, and customers. Many of these protocols are managed with imbalanced APIs and very little transparency. With phoeniQs tech's proprietary DCATS software stack, you can easily audit and understand what data is moving, where there are potential compliance issues, unlicensed data leaks, and general insights.

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