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The analytics landscape is full of bad actors and empty promises. We have seen it first-hand in many industries over the past 25 years, where sleazy sales-driven companies exploit client needs and budgets only to fall short of the required goal. They either try to retread old solutions or stack your expectations on vapor-ware.


 Our founding partners have over 50 years of combined experience in actually building and managing some of the most sophisticated and elegant technology solutions ever imagined in data sciences and decision management. As true business operators, we realize that functional analytics is not a natural extension of core business operations. We have carefully balanced tech-stack, analytical processes, and cost factors across dozens of industries. 

John Derham

John is a visionary architect of innovative technology stacks. Powered by state-of-the-art layers of integrated AI and proprietary contextualizing software, the platforms have utility for measurement in industries including media, financial services, e-commerce, and various other B2C and B2B applications. He is a pioneer in building and leading diverse data analytics teams and strategies. He also has an uncanny ability to effectively communicate between technology and executive layers to advance innovative strategies and solve real-world problems. Derham has many noted successes in marketing, product, risk management, and other operational disciplines. John has a Bachelor of Science from the Villanova School of Business with a concentration in Financial analytics. 



Lakshmi is a seasoned IT professional who has 30+ years in the art and practice of IT in various business verticals. He has led IT organizations in the roles of CTO and CIO in banking financial services and media industries. He has also been involved in successful startups both internationally and domestically. His passion is to provide technology solutions that provide scale and performance in a cost-effective manner. His abilities to advance forward technologies into stable production environments have placed Lakshmi among the most coveted engineering minds.  Lakshmi earned a Bachelor of Engineering Electronics & Communications Engineering B.E. (Hons) ECE at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, and an MBA in Finance from Drexel University.


Judi has over thirty years of experience in accounting, finance, and administration, specifically in SEC financial reporting and internal operations.  She began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers and has worked as a senior finance executive in both small and medium-sized private and public multi-national corporations in several industries including e-commerce, real estate investment trusts, and financial and technology services.  She is a board member for the Body Empowerment Project, a nonprofit that addresses eating disorders among high school students in the Philadelphia School District.  Judi has a master’s in accounting and business administration from Northeastern University. 


Our logo has evolved, much like ourselves. The slide show demonstrates the progression and clarity that we wanted to preserve. We were truly fortunate to work with a world-class artist to create our branded identity and marks.


His meticulous processes were very similar to therapy sessions, which we can openly admit helped us. We had already settled on our company name PHOENIQS. We loved the Phoenix's imagery and mysticism and the notion that we all must be reborn from our own ashes. We also wanted to celebrate the immense innovative and technological advances that we created and brought to the market with one of our more recent companies, iQ media


As we discussed our history and ethos with the creator, he asked purposeful questions yet shared no observations. He was fastidious about the way we felt, and our motivations, and our intentions. He later revealed to us that he was captivated by the raw anger, intrigued by the longing, and moved by the founders' brotherhood.


In this progression of images, you can see the annealing of the fire and brimstone;  you can sense the strength in movement; you can feel the confidence and vision; you can sense purpose.

Thank you, EZ.

The creator, artist, friend, and therapist:     ezhini

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