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We provide enterprise-scale and operational know-how into a complex and evolving landscape. While innovation and application development are alive and well in Smart Grid Solutions, the real challenge is the management of commercial platforms that can handle the massive growth while providing real-time insights and data payloads to various constituents.

Our solutions are unique in that we possess deep experience and insights not only in commercial data management, decision sciences, and innovative solutions, but we also possess deep knowledge and practical experience in power grid technologies, data flows, and operational limitations and needs.

Let us bring our collective successes to help you with various Smart Grid Solutions ranging from forecasting and grid management to emerging opportunities in the residential battery innovations as well as EV and V2G opportunities.

Smart GRID

Our knowledge of power grid infrastructure and bespoke data processing  is unique to this industry.

Data science

We are industry leaders in advanced forms of analytics, including machine & deep learning techniques.


Building compliant technology stacks for regulatory compliance as well as analytics is our core asset, as well as building to scale for massive growth.


We shape emerging opportunities with real innovative approaches to provide enterprise solutions  and tangible results

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Srini Sundhararajan

Chief Grid Engineer


Srini Sundhararajan has more than 25 years of experience in developing data models and software solutions for Industrial Controls, Power Grid Operations, Grid Reliability, Electricity Market, Credit Management and Power Distribution Systems. He has previously worked for ABB, Siemens, ERCOT and consulted for major utilities Entergy and ITC. He received his BE from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, India; MS and PhD from Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS  and MBA from University of Texas, Austin, TX.

Kumar Ramaswamy
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Kumar Ramaswamy

Chief Data Scientist


Kumar has been at the forefront of many successful industrial firsts- mass video distribution over satellite(DirecTV), video over cellular(3G), and large software systems for video processing and analytics. He was previously  Head of Corporate Research and CTO at Thomson/RCA and has 120 issued US patents.  He brings deep systems, signal processing, and machine learning/analytics expertise to the current role. He received his BE from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, India; MS in Electrical Engineer from Vanderbilt; MS in Math and Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering from RPI.

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Lakshmi Venkataswamy is a seasoned IT professional who has 30+ years in the art and practice of IT in various business verticals. He has led IT organizations in the roles of CTO and CIO. He has also been involved in successful startups both internationally and domestically. His passion is to provide technology solutions that provide scale and performance in a cost-effective manner. Lakshmi earned a Bachelor of Engineering Electronics & Communications Engineering B.E. (Hons) ECE at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, and an MBA in Finance from Drexel University.

Lakshmi Venkataswamy

Chief Technologist

Managing Partner

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John Derham

Head of Innovation

Managing Partner

John is a visionary architect of innovative technology stacks. Powered by state-of-the-art layers of integrated AI and proprietary contextualizing software, the platforms have utility for measurement in industries including media, financial services, e-commerce, and various other B2C and B2B applications. He is a pioneer in building and leading diverse data analytics teams and strategies.  Derham has many noted successes in marketing, product, risk management, and other operational disciplines. John has a Bachelor of Science from the Villanova School of Business with a concentration in Financial analytics. 

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